Meet Dr. Molly

Image result for dr molly fantasiaAmalia Fantasia, PhD, is recognized widely as a leader in the field of health care, health care management, ambulatory healthcare and nutraceutical medicine. Acknowledged by chemists, bioengineers, geneticists, physicians and health care administratives alike, Dr. Fantasia has pioneered many of the preventive and int integrative medical practices being standardized and integrated into traditional and primary health care today.

The nutraceutical protocols and support treatments she has created in conjunction with physicians are well sought after on an international basis by patients and health care providers.

Dr. Fantasia has a particular focus in IV nutraceutical medicine as a preventive and support therapy for traditional health care, including cancer, opioid dependence pre and post surgery, bariatrics and auto-immune disorders. She has developed a range of formulated proprietary IV nutraceutical treatments that are becoming well known and sought after worldwide. Her clinical data has demonstrated the overwhelming success of Cherry Hill Hydration Center’s protocols and the modularization of the Center’s treatments and standard of care that are being sought after by large-scale health care organizations.

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