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June 16, 2018

On today’s edition of Health Watch, among the many topics discussed by Dr. Molly Fantasia, the focus was on the platelet rich plasma commonly known as PRP. Dr. Molly talked about how one of her dedicated doctors is currently undergoing this procedure and how it can be used successfully for knees, shoulders  and many other medical challenges. To find out more it’s important to listen to the entire program for this fascinating explanations. Also, Dr. Molly talked about a very successful case where a patient was detoxed in a matter of a few days – and all done as an outpatient, rather than the more common approach of spending 28 days in a rehab facility. A very interesting and informative program.

June 3, 2018

On this edition of Health Watch, Dr. Molly Fantasia covers a variety of issues in which she has helped patients. First, Dr. Molly explains the difference between hydration clinics in the area and Innovative Medical Associates. The difference is Innovative Medical Associates focuses on the overall wellness and medical conditions of the patients. It is a much more thorough and comprehensive approach. Also, Mr. Molly discusses M T H F R, a rate condition that one of her patients has.   Dr. Molly also discusses fatty liver and a recent study that reveals high carbonated drinks, sugary drinks and how they contribute to a fatty liver. For more information, contact Dr. Molly Fantasia at Innovative Medical Associates 856.489.0505.


May 19, 2018

On today’s edition of Health Watch, Dr. Molly Fantasia explains the thought process behind the name change.  Formerly the Cherry Hill Hydration Center, it is now known as Innovative Medical Associates.  This “rebranding” comes from wanting to convey that there are many Doctors and Health Care professionals collaborating to help all patients.  The synergy provided by all of the disciplines is a very powerful way to treat many of today’s medical challenges.  Dr. Molly also talked about their Men’s Health Program as well as how Chronic Conditions like diabetes can affect many areas of a person’s overall health.  Don’t forget starting Sunday, June 3, 2018, Health Watch moves to its new time11am-12N every Sunday on News Talk 990.



May 5, 2018

On this week’s edition of “Health Watch” heard every Saturday from 8-9am on News Talk 990, Dr. Molly discusses some recent patient issues in which her various protocols were able to achieve maximum results. In all of these situations, these patients had come to Dr. Molly  and were not functioning at their maximum effectiveness. Dr. Molly discusses some of the specifics of each case. Further, Dr. Molly addressed a particular call on air about her protocols for helping patients deal with the effects of menopause. Dr. Molly also discussed her wellness program.


April 21, 2018

On today’s edition of “Health Watch” with Dr. Molly Fantasia, Dr. Molly explains the various aspects of Cherry Hill Hydration Center and how they can help you and anyone you know to improve your overall quality of life. Dr. Molly further explains how hydration and how the various protocols (over 600 protocols for a variety of medical challenges) have helped patients in the past and continue to do so.


April 14, 2018

On today’s show once again Dr. Molly Fantasia explains the differences and benefits of the approach and philosophy of the Cherry Hill Hydration Center. It’s a combination of or the best of both worlds combining pharmaceuticals with a heavy emphasis on IV nutritional therapies.  Dr. Molly walks us through the process and talks about a great deal of success that she has had in treating patients over the years.   Further, Dr. Molly talks about the Medical Cooperative now available including many disciplines including physical therapies, spiritual therapies and of course their many physicians on staff.   Also, Dr. Molly discusses her protocols for pain and chronic conditions.

April 7, 2018

On today’s edition of Health Watch with Dr. Molly Fantasia, Dr. Molly explains the various aspects of the Cherry Hill Hydration Center and how they can help you and anyone you know to improve your overall quality of life. Dr. Molly further explains hydration and how the various hydration protocols (over 600 protocols for a variety of medical challenges) have helped patients in the past and continue to do so.

 On another segment of this show, Dr. Molly speaks live on the air with current patients. In the course of the discussions, Dr. Molly explains how an over the counter product taken for too long of a period and perhaps in too much of a dose can be counterproductive. Furthermore, Dr. Molly explains what she and her medical staff recommended for this patient and now this very same patient is doing extremely well and feels so much better. Dr. Molly can be heard on the program Health Watch every Saturday at 8am on WNTP News Talk.

March 31, 2018

In this show, Dr. Molly explains the mission statement for the Cherry Hill Hydration Center. As part of that mission statement, Dr. Molly informs the audience how the Cherry Hill Hydration center differs from what everyone has come to expect from a traditional family practice. Far from being traditions, Dr. Molly speaks of the importance of hydration, neutraceuticals and why the Cherry Hill Hydration Center believes that the least amount of prescription drugs possible can in many cases benefit the patient!

In other segments of this show, Dr. Molly talks about a recent patient consultation with a World War II vet who diligently practiced utilizing natural substances as part of her daily regimen. Dr. Molly also discusses her various cancer protocols which have helped hundreds of current and former patients improve their quality of life while dealing with a cancer diagnosis.  

Finally, Dr. Molly also talks about Telemiers. To learn more call 856.489.0505.

March 24, 2018

In this show, Dr. Molly delves into the inner workings of the Cherry Hill Hydration Center. Dr. Molly espouses the philosophy that less is more…. by that Dr. Molly believes less pharmaceuticals may improve your overall quality of life.   While not disagreeing with physicians, the practice of prescribing medicine, Dr. Molly believes that a combination of the two could achieve maximum quality of life. Dr. Molly addresses this further in today’s segment. Dr. Molly also discusses sea cucumber, a natural therapy that inhibits cancer. Dr. Molly also shares success stories of patients with autoimmune disease, many forms of cancer, as well as other medical challenges.  

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Cherry Hill Hydration Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey Announces Affiliation with HCA IV Hydration & Nutraceutical Program
August 20, 2014

Cherry Hill, NJ; November 11th, 2014: “God’s Ingredients: My Thirty Year Journey in IV Nutritional Medicine,” catalogs the spiritual and scientific road to patients’ health and well-being as pioneered by one of the country’s leading authorities on intravenous nutritional medicine. A Chemist, Bio-Engineer, Clinic Director and Health Care professional for over 35 years, Dr. Fantasia has helped thousands of patients from around the world during the course of her career to find health, well-being and renewed quality of life where other traditional health care methods have left them hopeless or rife with secondary ailments caused by aggressive modern treatments.

Along the way, in conjunction with the many physicians and clinicians she works with, Dr. Fantasia has developed a wide range of the newest and most effective IV nutritional medicine therapies available today. Dr. Fantasia’s story as outlined in this book and told through some of the most dramatic case histories she has experienced at Cherry Hill Clinic, the clinic she founded with her Physician partner in 1996, is a story of triumph in the face of adversity, ingenuity, perseverance and caring.

Working diligently to create a new-style preventive health care model, Dr. Fantasia’s clinic has become known worldwide for the unique IV Nutritional Medicine protocols and formulations that she has developed, protocols that can be used as either preventive health care or to support traditional health care treatment, such as those for cancer, pre and post surgery, auto-immune disorders and longevity. They are also used by an ever growing number of patients disillusioned with the existing system as an alternative approach to health care.

The book follows Fantasia’s visionary work as she details using her cutting edge scientific approach, her reliance on age-old healing wisdom and her years of clinical experience working with patients from all walks of life to create a wide range of effective IV nutritional formulations, protocols and well-being techniques. In the process, Dr. Molly, as she is known to patients, has given an ever growing number of people back their quality of life, their hope and their sense of personal power, restoring new faith in the healing options available to them amidst the background of a deteriorating traditional health care system. To purchase the book “God’s Ingredients” click here.


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