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Cherry Hill Hydration Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey Announces Affiliation with HCA IV Hydration & Nutraceutical Program
August 20, 2014

Cherry Hill, NJ; November 11th, 2014: “God’s Ingredients: My Thirty Year Journey in IV Nutritional Medicine,” catalogs the spiritual and scientific road to patients’ health and well-being as pioneered by one of the country’s leading authorities on intravenous nutritional medicine. A Chemist, Bio-Engineer, Clinic Director and Health Care professional for over 35 years, Dr. Fantasia has helped thousands of patients from around the world during the course of her career to find health, well-being and renewed quality of life where other traditional health care methods have left them hopeless or rife with secondary ailments caused by aggressive modern treatments.

Along the way, in conjunction with the many physicians and clinicians she works with, Dr. Fantasia has developed a wide range of the newest and most effective IV nutritional medicine therapies available today. Dr. Fantasia’s story as outlined in this book and told through some of the most dramatic case histories she has experienced at Cherry Hill Clinic, the clinic she founded with her Physician partner in 1996, is a story of triumph in the face of adversity, ingenuity, perseverance and caring.

Working diligently to create a new-style preventive health care model, Dr. Fantasia’s clinic has become known worldwide for the unique IV Nutritional Medicine protocols and formulations that she has developed, protocols that can be used as either preventive health care or to support traditional health care treatment, such as those for cancer, pre and post surgery, auto-immune disorders and longevity. They are also used by an ever growing number of patients disillusioned with the existing system as an alternative approach to health care.

The book follows Fantasia’s visionary work as she details using her cutting edge scientific approach, her reliance on age-old healing wisdom and her years of clinical experience working with patients from all walks of life to create a wide range of effective IV nutritional formulations, protocols and well-being techniques. In the process, Dr. Molly, as she is known to patients, has given an ever growing number of people back their quality of life, their hope and their sense of personal power, restoring new faith in the healing options available to them amidst the background of a deteriorating traditional health care system. To purchase the book “God’s Ingredients” click here.


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