Personalized Approach. VIP Care.

Founded in 1996, the Cherry Hill Hydration Center is a personalized, exclusive primary health care program that offers comprehensive health care with some of the leading primary care physicians, medical scientists and staff available in the region.

Our patients enjoy expert primary medical attention, wellness counseling and treatment, chronic and acute illness treatment, and referrals to secondary care with on-going wellness monitoring. We provide treatment for:

  • Wellness, Longevity & Prevention
  • Cancer Care & Immune Support
  • Auto Immune & Chronic Disease
  • Lyme Disease, Rheumatology & Joint Pain
  • Liver Disease & Detoxification
  • Pre and Post-Operative Support
  • Cardiac Care Support Therapies
  • and so much more!

Our office is at 538 Lippincott Drive, Building E in Marlton, NJ.
Call today for your FREE consultation today! 856.489.0505.

Cherry Hill Hydration Center is affiliated with the Hydration Clinics of America.

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