Cherry Hill Hydration Center offers private out-patient detox this Fall!

In the fall of 2017, our state of the art private out-patient detox facility will open for those seeking immediate detox treatment from all substance abuses. With our professional team composed of elite board certified doctors, nurses, addiction counselors and other necessary medical staff, we can provide a high-quality personalized treatment plan to specifically meet the needs on a one to one basis with each patient.
Our treatment at Cherry Hill Hydration Center is holistic in nature, meaning that we aim to support the well-being of our clients physically, mentally and emotionally. We include several services outside the ordinary prescribed detox program including personalized addiction counseling, meditation, cutting-edge nutritional therapies and other complementary therapies.
This private detox program is recommended for people who greatly value their privacy and require personal medical attention.
Call for a free consultation: 856-489-0505